Green Policy

Realizing the impact to the earth caused by business activities, Mony expects to reinforce the awareness and personal responsibilities of our employees toward environment protection by performing a series of environmental-friendly actions. Through control of hazardous material, wastes, air and water pollution, all controlled measures are managed to comply with associated environmental regulations. Moreover, not only do we keep our efforts at reducing any possible pollution in the manufacturing process, but all operation procedures in the factory are also standardized for higher efficiency and lower consumables.

In order to keep promoting environment protection and fulfill the policy for the benefits of future generations, Mony is committed to establish, maintain, and continually improve on our environmental management system (ISO 14001), according to the green policies as below:

  • - Energy saving & waste deduction
  • - Resources optimizing
  • - Green vision & consciousness

In addition, Mony is dedicated to fulfill the promises on protecting environment and cherishing natural resources for a better life by taking actions on:

  • - Efficiently utilizing resources to carry out energy saving and waste sorting, reducing, and recycling.
  • - Continually educating employees about the knowledge and practices on environment protection.
  • - Gaining acknowledgement and support for the policy from our employees; ensuring products, service, and operational procedures on meeting the requirements of environmental laws and regulations.

To achieve the goals of better waste control and enterprise profits, considering the role as a global citizen, our next step is to unify our suppliers, vendors, clients, and even neighborhood as a working entity to contribute our efforts on environment protection.

Quality Certificate

Mony obtained the ISO/TS16949:2002 quality certificate in 2006 which replaced the old QS9000 in 2002. Combine ISO9001 & QS9000, TS16949 quality system is used for automotive-relative products, especially it is specialized in product design, product development and production. With TS16949:2002, Mony can be recognized as a leading company for manufacturing high quality automotive parts.

Since 1977, Mony has been focusing on implementing the quality control step by step to meet high quality demand. We will work toward improving product quality and manufacturing process and in pursuit of latest technology.