• Fascinating Camellias Aroma Diffuser

    • One touch system, easy to use
    • The LED night light can be switched by itself
    • Two-mode power indicator, extend the diffusion time
    • Safety shutdown system
    • 100% made in Taiwan
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TroubleShooting Tips 

Check the atomizer in accordance with the follwing instructions once any malfunction occurred :

Type of Malfunction Causes Checking Procedures
 Power indicator remains off or flashing  Power is not properly connected   Connect power properly and switch on the atomizer
 Water runs out of insufficient   Add water into water tank
 Mist with bad smell  Water polluted or stale   Clean tank and ultrasonic plate before adding clean water
 Mist gotting thinner     Ultrasionic plate becomes dirty or stuck with grime  Clean ultrasonic plate with doft bristle brush or sponge
 Water exceeds the fill line  Control water volume below the fill line
 Water is leaking from the top of the atomizer  The top opening is not properly covered with clear lid  Adjust the clear lid to ensure a secure fit to prevent the atomizer from leadking